Young, fresh company
with experienced
yet creative spirit


  • 10+ years of experience in software development
  • Team of qualified IET accredited software engineers
  • Always focused on state of the art technologies
  • Clear ideas. Clear outputs. SOLID software.
Real Time Systems
Payment processing
Software systems design and implementation


Real Time Systems with High Availability Demand

Real time systems with zero outage tolerance push requirements on software as well as hardware infrastructure to its limitations.

Payment processing

Automatic payment processing via our custom software solution directly integrated into your business processes saves precious time and greatly eliminates human error.

Software systems analysis, design and implementation

We have worked on software that helps people in the following areas:

  • Ynet NPO - volunteer development of Central Information System with payment processing
  • Archery Training Center - Resource and Event Planning software
  • Rcherz - World's most innovative archery scoring system and social network
  • ERP software for local businesses (architects, real estate maintenance)

Improve the World
by good software

Our Vision

Source code is written once, but can be used millions of times

Our dream is to tame this power as much as possible

To make every single life better